This post has been written by the CEO of Abstract, Manfred M. Nerurkar.

It’s with great pleasure to announce the launch of the new Abstract website. This launch marks a pivotal moment in our young history — the beginning of Phase 2. The first launch of many, as Abstract is now turning to the release of new companies, products, and technology we have been working on tirelessly over the past years. Novel products such as InstaMAT or RSX will be gradually rolled out in the months to come. Each product starts in “Early Access” meaning it will first be made available on a smaller scale, exclusively to our existing customers and clients. It’s going to be exciting times and I cannot wait to experience the reactions to our product launches. Apart from working on products that are driven by the new technology, such as InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya, we’re deploying a unified web architecture. In this unified architecture, our web applications are accessed by a single user account: the Abstract user identity. With just a single account our users will have a direct path to all of the products we’re building: from license management for InstaLOD to InstaREC’s community platform and more. There’s a lot on the horizon!

Even thought the effects of the global COVID pandemic are still felt, international conferences and events are slowly picking up pace again. We’re doing the same and we’re looking forward to seeing you on show floors around the world in 2022!

Manfred M. Nerurkar