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Abstract is a group of companies focused on developing bleeding-edge 3D technology. Our tech enables a diverse range of clients to deliver their projects on time, with massive cost-saving and on top of all, having much more fun while they're doing it. From leading game developers to VFX studios and the most beloved brands, they have one thing in common — they’re all using our products.

Everything you need for the production and automatic optimization of 3D content.

Easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or getting data ready for any business case. Whether taking massive CAD assemblies into a VR application or optimizing AAA game scenes — InstaLOD helps you achieve your vision. Each individual feature has been carefully engineered to deliver best-in-class results at outstanding performance levels.

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Elemental tools for the design and automation of 3D materials, assets and texturing.

Tap into unprecedented workflows when it comes to working with 3D materials or assets. Whether texturing dazzling 3D assets using creative layering workflows or building procedural graph-based asset processing pipelines — InstaMAT helps you achieve your vision.

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Effective photogrammetry and scan processing technology for 3D data.

Create fully textured, and highly optimized 3D scenes from nothing but a handful of photos. From large-scale drone captured footage to the precision required for the reconstruction of millimeter sized scenes — InstaREC will get you there.

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The first 3D engine technology that is not just a game engine.
RSX Engine is built for enterprise.

Imagine, a 3D engine without a decade long legacy of game-industry specific workflows. A 3D engine built for modern workflows of dynamic teams that move fast — with the rendering power to bring cinematic 3D to life.

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